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Store and organize notes and files in an open database format.

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Curiota is intended to help you keep notes and organize files. Its main advantage is that it uses an open database format to store all the collected information, which makes it extremely compatible with many other tools.

The application can run unobtrusively from the Menu Bar, so it will not disturb you while you are doing something else. In fact, it integrates so perfectly into your workflow that you can simply drag a text snippet or a file and drop it onto its icon to store in your database. Moreover, you can set the tool to start along with the system.

Curiota organizes notes in collections. In this respect, you can create as many as you want to. The app requires picking a location for them, and, it is good to hear that not only local directories but also Cloud folders are supported (iCloud and Dropbox).

A note can contain not only text but also images, hyperlinks and files. To edit your notes, there is a built-in editor. Although it is good that rich-text formatting is supported, you need to learn a series of keyboard shortcuts to use this feature as there are no buttons to help you. Files, in turn, can be equally organized into folders, and they can be of any type.

Regrettably, Curiota’s built-in system to organize and find contents is not very friendly, which is why its integration with Spotlight is very appreciated. So, to find anything stored in Curiota, you can use Spotlight’s search box.

All in all, Curiota is a great tool that lets you store anything you may need for that project you are working on. In this regard, it is great that it also integrates with Curio, a powerful tool by the same developer. It is also good news that it supports scripting, which allows you to automate some operations a little further. Fortunately, this product is free to get from the Mac Store.

Pedro Castro
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  • Open database format
  • Runs unobtrusively from the Menu Bar
  • Perfectly integrates with your workflow
  • Allows keeping contents on the cloud
  • Note containing any type of content
  • Integrated with Spotlight


  • Not a great built-in organization system
  • No buttons to format text in the Note Editor
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