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Copy'em Paste 2.8

The app stores the information you copy from various sources to the clipboard.
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Copy'em Paste is a handy tool that stores the information you copied from various sources to your clipboard, so that you can use it later with other applications. It's like copying to clipboard, except that it preserves an indefinite number of clippings, which you can recall at any moment in order to paste them into miscellaneous editors.

The program installs as a small icon on your Mac's upper bar, so that you can access it with ease any time the situation requires it. What makes this utility valuable is the ability to preserve any type of information that can be copied. Namely, you can store text input, images, links, entire files and folders – broadly, any type of data you may think of. Saving information can be done either by using regular copy commands or by taking screenshots. You just need to open the program, select the list where you wish to store the desired piece of information, and the snippet will be copied automatically and stored for later use. You have the ability to configure as many lists as you consider necessary to keep your clippings conveniently organized by topic and content. The lists support customization in terms of name and bullet-like tagging. In addition, you can set keyboard shortcuts in order to switch between lists faster when needed. For security reasons, you can add a series of applications to a blacklist, so that the information you take from them will never be saved.

Since the application is designed for massive data storing, you might think that finding that specific piece of information that you once saved must be a tedious task. Well, there's no need to worry about this issue, as the tool provides you with a smart search engine that includes advanced filters. Once you have retrieved the data you were looking for, you just need to select the clipping and the information will be transferred automatically to the destination application simply by enabling the paste command.

Thanks to a set of versatile and comprehensive features, Copy'em Paste makes copying and pasting data two hassle-free tasks. The program is an excellent alternative for users who collect pieces of information from miscellaneous sources and need to have them handy for further use on other applications.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Editing features for text input
  • Ability to tag the clippings
  • Organizes clippings into favorite lists
  • Can rename and tag the lists
  • Blacklisted applications
  • Advanced search filters
  • Auto-paste option
  • Stores any type of information that can be copied


  • It can't organize lists into categories, nor can it create sub-lists
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