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a Mastermind type of game for iPhone, iPod touch and Mac OS X.
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CODE... a Mastermind type of game for iPhone, iPod touch and Mac OS X.
You are the Codebreaker and your mission is to break the Codemakers codes (and also to become the Codemaster), via the Decoding Board (6 x 6 grid in the middle of the screen) you set the color selected from the Decoding Palette (below the 6 x 6 grid). When done selecting a code, in the Decoding Board, that you want to use to break the code, then press the "GO!"-button. In the Code Validator (to the left of the "GO!"-button), you will see the results of the last checked code.
Code Validator results:
Black color = wrong color.
Red color = right color at the right position.white color = right color, but the wrong position.
CODE includes 500 codes to break. You can max get 100 points for a broken code. For every wrong try you get -1 point (minimum points for a broken code is 1).
The iPhone and iPod Touch version includes over 1 hour of original high quality soundtrack (12 tracks total). The soundtrack is encoded in iTunes Plus quality (256 kbit AAC). And 500 new codes to break.
CODE is the first part in the CODE Trilogy
Part 1 - CODE ($0.99)
Part 2 - CODE, The Orchid ($0.99)
Part 3 - CODE, Pearl ($0.99)
All three are available in the App Store.



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