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Random Factor Mahjong is a nice mahjong game with rather different gameplay.
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Random Factor Mahjong is a nice mahjong game with rather different gameplay. Even though the rules are somewhat the same as in a classic mahjong game, in this one you advance in levels in which the board will get bigger and bigger with increasing number of tiles. Like in any mahjong game, you have to match free identical tiles in order to remove them from the board. A level is completed when you have removed all the tiles. For a tile to be free, it must have at least one free side (right or left) and it must have no tile on top of it.

This game offers two modes: Standard Game (mentioned above) which offers three levels of different difficulty, and Quick Game, in which you select the layout and difficult level (Custom level) or preset games with different board sizes and difficult levels (Preset level). In Standard Game, you will have three lives that you can lose one by one when the games offers no more matches. In all these levels you will be able to undo moves but only a limited number of times; you can select different tiles colors but not entire sets, and there are different help options for beginners. If it takes you too long to find a match, the game will automatically highlight one possible option (the options can be disabled from the Options menu). The game features great quality graphics, nice sounds, and pleasant music that is played when you win a match or in specific occasions.

In short, if you are a fan of mahjong games and you are an advanced player, I'm sure you will enjoy Random Factor Mahjong a lot.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Two modes
  • Great graphics
  • Nice music
  • Challenging


  • You cannot select the tile set
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