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Cheats With Words is an application that can help you win word games
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Cheats With Words is an application that can help you win word games. It works with Scrabble, and Words With Friends, two of the most popular word games right now. I play Words with Friends a lot, and I have always suspected that some people plainly cheat. And this might be the application they were using all along.

With Cheats With Words, you can add the letters that you are given in any specific turn and the app will form all the possible words for you. It will even show you how many points each word will give you. From the menus, you can change the scoring options. By default, the app will show you Words with Friends scores. From up there, you can also sort the words by alphabetical order, by points or by length.

Cheats with Words is also available on iOS and it is much better on that platform. One of the reasons why it is better is because it lets you import a snapshot of the board, and by doing that, the app knows where all the double word, triple word, doble letter, and triple letter bonuses are, which allows to form better words. In the Mac version, you can only type the letters that you have and make the app form words with that.

Although this app works well and it can be used to improve your game, it is basically cheating, and nobody likes cheaters. Also, if you are going to cheat, you might as well get the iOS version, which lets you cheat better.

José Fernández
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