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Cogs is an entertaining puzzle game for Mac computers.

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Cogs is a brainteasing game for Mac that provides you with numerous challenges and puts your puzzle solving skills to the test. The app brings you a steampunk-inspired theme and animations, accompanied by nice background music, and offers you plenty of gameplay instructions.

You have access to two game modes: Inventor (where you complete the challenges in their actual order) or Challenge (offering to solve some of the challenges to set new records). The app automatically saves your best scores each time you complete a level and displays your current stats on the level map window (best scores, achievements, etc.).

The less tiles you move on the board and the faster you finish levels, the higher your final score gets. What's more, you unlock additional missions as soon as you complete a level.

One of the things I like about this puzzle game is that it doesn't offer you any hints which makes the levels even more challenging. Plus, each mission comes with different gaming instructions and time limits for completing levels.

All in all, I'm sure you'd enjoy solving its challenging puzzles as long as you don't run the game in windowed mode and check for solution using external sources. The app provides you with plenty of display and sound options, displays nicely-drawn animations, and comes at a reasonable price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice background music and graphics
  • Provides you with various puzzles and awards
  • Offers you plenty of game options
  • Comes with useful game instructions


  • Poor graphics when enabling windowed mode
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