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Centennia shows the history of Europe and Middle East.
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Centennia Software

Centennia is a great educational material that shows the history of Europe and Middle East with images and text. You can simply view the evolution and border changes that took place since the beginning of the 11th century in an animation that goes year after year. You can pause the animation whenever you want and print or save any map that you may need. Below the map you will find a little explanation of the main conflict of each year. However, if you want, you can view a more detailed explanation of the events that happened in a certain year. If you don't wish to view the entire sequence, you can select the year or range of years of your interest.

The program allows you to zoom in and out, and move the map to view the changes of a certain region. The program also includes lots of search and print options, so you can get exactly what you need. It would be great if the history was told with audio while you see the changes on the map, The application offers a nice and simple user interface that anyone can use, and the map offers different colors so you can easily notice the changes.

In short, Centennia is an excellent educational application to learn the events that happened in the world during those years in an easy and clear way.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Simple and easy to use
  • Very clear and simple
  • Many print and search options
  • Detailed explanation of historical events


  • No audio
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