Igor Pro

Igor Pro 7.0

Calculates angineering data and creates graphs.
7.0 (See all)
Perform graphing, data management and analysis, programming and updating operations for engineering products dealing with large bundles of data and providing multiple presets and scenarios for quick organization of information. Volume visualization with the use of 3D is possible.

IGOR Pro is an extraordinarily powerful and extensible graphing, data analysis, and programming tool for scientists and engineers. Journal-quality scientific graphs 3D and volume visualization Flexible image display Handles large data sets very quickly Extensive scientific and engineering data analysis Curve fitting, peak fitting Signal processing Image processing and image analysis Special support for evenly spaced data Completely programmable and customizable
The IGOR scientific graphing and data analysis program has been in active development since its introduction on Mac in 1988.
Academic and Student pricings are available, see this page for more information.

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