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Catalog your audio CD collection with minimum effort.
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CDpedia is a program that comes in handy if you're the type of person who has collected a wide range of audio CDs over the years and wish to easily create an inventory on your Mac. The utility is very intuitive, provides you with detailed statistics based on your catalog, and lets you export the stored information to various file formats.

You can use the integrated search tool to quickly find information about your audio CDs. It might prove to be of good use if you're unsure about the validity of a certain CD detail and wish to be sure you provided the correct info. The utility will look on websites like Discogs, Doghouse, Wikipedia, and many others.

Unfortunately, there's a small chance the search tool won't be able to locate all of the details you need. In my testing, it happened on a couple of occasions. To be fair, the artists in question aren't too popular and you can use your default web browser to locate the missing details you need.

Once you finish altering your catalog, you can export the stored details to various formats, such as XML, ZIP, HTML, CSV, etc. The program also enables you to print audio CD details with just a few clicks.

To conclude, I'd say it's worth giving this tool a try, even with the aforementioned flaw. It's feature-rich, easy-to-use, and affordable.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Provides you with accurate statistics based on your inventory
  • Helps you keep a wishlist and a borrowed list
  • You can export inventory info or print it directly from its interface
  • Can scan audio CDs


  • The search tool occasionally fails to provide accurate results
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