Home Inventory

Home Inventory 3.8

Store information about your home items in one place.

Home Inventory is exactly what its name implies: a utility designed to help you store information about your house items. You can use this intuitive program to easily keep track of various types of items from your house, such as furniture or electronics, store information about the objects you plan on selling, and so much more.

Before adding any items to your home inventory, you first need to create an HI3 file on your Mac. In this file, you will add your catalog items. Home Inventory will back up every new item information to the aforementioned file.

You can organize your house items into various categories based on the location you're currently storing the objects. The app enables you to attach various types of details about this items, add tags and pictures to the entries, etc. Furthermore, you can print or export item details directly from the program's main screen.

Unfortunately, the application occasionally runs slow. In my testing, the utility took a while to load the Print window or to load the imported pictures. However, it didn't happen too often.

To conclude, Home Inventory might prove to be a great solution for cataloging your house items, especially if you plan to organize a garage sale soon. If that's the case, you should give it a try.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Supports drag-and-drop actions
  • Provides you with multiple tips
  • You can export or print inventory item info
  • Comes with a search utility


  • It might take a while to import images or reveal the Print screen
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