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CDpedia v6.0
02 Jun 2020
CDpedia v5.6
3 Nov 2017
Editorial review
CDpedia v5.5
18 Aug 2016
Editorial review
CDpedia v5.4
7 Mar 2015
Editorial review
CDpedia v5.3
4 Aug 2014
Editorial review
CDpedia v5.1
26 Apr 2012
CDpedia v4.6
25 May 2010

What's new

v5.6 [3 Nov 2017]
- Updates for macOS High Sierra.
- Pressing space in a tag field will now display the entire list of autofill options.
- Smart collection count updated for excluded collections on changing custom check box values.
- Discogs and search plugins updated.

v5.5 [18 Aug 2016]
- Pocketpedia TV support.
- Bug fix: Improved Pocketpedia syncing across various network setups.
- Bug fix: Fixes to internal linking between entries, where sometimes the right entry wasn’t selected in OS X El Capitan.
- Bug fix: If the toolbar is not displayed, the list view is now the default view to display.
- Bug fix: OS X El Capitan was stopping some users from using the self upgrade feature to purchase version 5.
- Bug fix: Rare bug when a smart collection was left without attributes.
- Bug fix: Using the contextual menu repeatedly in cover view could work on a non-intended multiple selection.
- Bug fix: Issues when changing a smart collection rule from a date field with a set date to a string field.
- Bug fix: Custom fields are again displayed in italics in the Fields preference window, to quickly tell them apart from built-in fields.
- Bug fix: Linked iTunes tracks with accents in the track name where not playing when clicked in the details view.

v5.4 [7 Mar 2015]
- Added 64-bit support for users on OS X Mavericks and Yosemite.
- New option to duplicate a collection, using the copy/paste commands or the “Duplicate” command in the collection contextual menu.
- Improved localizations.
- Autosave for the autofill.xml file has been optimized.
- Autosave for the itunes.xml file has been optimized.
- New iSight code for faster and more reliable barcode recognition.
- The Wikipedia search now downloads more images.
- Bug fix: Rare bug with the autofill that could cause the smart collection rule sheet to freeze up.
- Bug fix: when opening an entry twice for editing (by accident) any changes will be saved automatically.
- Bug fix: Status column now sorts all images of the same type together.
- Plug-in fix: Bol NL search site.

v5.3 [4 Aug 2014]
- Bug fix: Source list does not pop open again if currently collapsed.
- Bug fix: Possible iSight crash in Yosemite.
- Bug fix: Delicious Library importer was not bringing in the Format field.
- Plugin fix: Discogs plugin updated to fix failed searches.

v5.1 [26 Apr 2012]
Bug fix: Importing a file into the program via drag and drop onto the Dock icon did not automatically save the imported data.
Bug fix: Selecting further preference options in the Preferences/Sites would bring up the add panel.
Bug fix: The key localeLanguage was not being set for internal searches with the Amazon plugin.
Bug fix: Collectorz XML import.
Bug fix: Several fixes to the localizations.
Bug fix: Exception that could occur in the logs with certain settings while copy pasting a search string into the list view.
Bug fix: Some long dates with days could be read ambiguously and displayed wrong.
Bug fix: The "Add & New" function would not check for duplicates.
Bug fix: Using the Command-F search command while editing now brings up a warning about unsaved changes.
Bug fix: Scrolling elasticity on the horizontal axis in the grid view is fixed.
Bug fix: Details view would cache local images and not update them when changed.

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