Bwana 2.8

An application that displays Unix manual pages in the browser.

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Bwana allows users to view the Unix commands manual pages in browser settings. By using links for each commands available, the purpose of this tool is to make it easier to access. With Bwana you will be able to read, as well as to browse comfortably through multiple command descriptions without having to type.

For each command you look up for, the application parses the "/usr/share/man" man pages and provides the output in the HTML format; it does this relatively fast. When first creating the index for all the commands in the manual however, my browser was stuck loading for a long period of time. In spite of this, the process of creating an index only happens once.

Bwana automatically closes after the first search is performed. HTML man pages automatically open in Safari regardless of your default-set browser. The utility includes no settings for changing browsers.

While Bwana does make it easier to access and read Unix command manual pages, in order to use them, you will still need to open the Terminal. The lack of any sort of customization will appeal to very few users who would probably prefer to look-up manual pages online.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Easy to read man pages in the browser


  • Unix commands available in terminal
  • No configuration possible
  • Opens links in Safari, not in the default browser
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