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Broom is a system maintenance tool that lets you keep tabs on hard drive usage.
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Broom is a system maintenance tool that monitors hard drive space. It can run in two different modes. The first one is called standalone mode. In this mode, Broom will stop working when you quit the application. It won't alert you when your hard drive space is running low and it won't scan your drives unless you launch it. The second mode allows the application to run in the background. It will actively monitor your main hard drive and, by default, it will alert you when your hard drive space usage goes over 80%.

Broom is not only a monitoring tool, it can also help you reclaim hard drive space by looking for files and folders that you might not be using. It looks in common places like your Downloads folder, your Caches, Trash and Logs. You can access the cleaning features by clicking on the broom icon on your menubar. Then you can simply select the hard drive that you want the application to scan and check the boxes next to the places (folders) that you want to delete.

This application is a nice tool to have, especially if you have small hard drives or want to keep a specific amount of hard drive space free at all times.

José Fernández
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