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The official player for Radio Bonnaroo's online music stream.
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Bonnaroo is the official player for Radio Bonnaroo's online music stream. The application displays the title, artist, album, and album artwork of the currently playing song in a customized interface. It also provides a song history list with iTunes links to the songs that have been played while you've been tuned in, if available.

The song history accurately reflects the current price of the song in iTunes, although the previewed album artwork is often tiny for some reason, and intermissory announcements produce a link to a seemingly random song. There are no ads per se to interrupt the music, since the application serves as a publicity mechanism for the Bonnaroo website and festival, as well as generating its own revenue through an iTunes commission.

An important and unique feature not yet mentioned is the ability to request a song for upcoming play. It's unclear how much detail is necessary for a request to be valid, and it's impossible to know for sure whether the request actually gets through, but it's definitely a cool idea.

Sam's Relevant Factoid: The Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival takes place in Manchester, TN every June.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Great selection of alternative music
  • More features than the average Internet radio player


  • Album artwork sometimes shrunken in history window
  • Intermissions are inaccurately detected as songs
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