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Blue Libra Lite 1.5

BlueLibraLite is a space real time strategy gameplay.
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Orator Games

Blue Libra is a nice action and strategy game in which you command spaceships and your job is to destroy enemy ships and conquer as many planets as possible. The first levels will be a tutorial, in which you will learn the basics about how to command your ship called Libra and the entire fleet. With Libra, you will be able to create your fleet and if you lose it, you will start that level from scratch. Once your fleet is ready, you can move it to any selected location by drawing a path by pressing the left mouse button to drag them. You can also take control of any object that you find in space and you can capture enemy ships, too.
The game includes two modes: Campaign, in which you can play three missions, and Skirmish, which is not available in the free version. There are also three difficulty levels, which vary in the power and aggressiveness of your enemies. The game offers simple but nice graphics, simple sounds, and pleasant music.
In short, if you like strategy games and you are looking for a nice game to pass the time, Blue Libra can be a good choice.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice graphics and sounds
  • Pleasant music
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Enjoyable


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