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The app is designed to free up the memory of your computer system.
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AutoMemoryCleaner is a lightweight utility designed to free up the memory of your computer system. The program comes with a convenient solution to monitor your RAM usage in real time, and it provides you with the most appropriate method to clean up the memory – a task that can be performed either automatically or manually.

The application installs itself in the upper bar and stays there always ready to deliver memory usage details. The first thing I like about this tool is that its presence is not revealed by the appearance of an ordinary icon on the toolbar. Instead of the symbol-like representation of the program, you receive information directly regarding the free memory existing at the moment. If you notice that the memory suddenly becomes too low, you just access the program's menu and enable the cleaning option. A few seconds later, you will see that you have more free memory for your computer running processes.

However, you don't need to keep an eye on the RAM memory's level constantly, since the app has the ability to automatically free up memory whenever it exceeds a specific threshold. This is a smart feature that few software programs provide. To be more specific, AutoMemoryCleaner analyses your hardware specifications and sets the threshold on your behalf. Yet, if you don't trust the tool's decision and want to control the memory by yourself, you can easily turn to manual mode.

Furthermore, the tool displays in real time how much free, active, inactive, and wired memory your computer system has at the moment of your query. What is more, it provides you with a brief report on the processor type, the total memory installed, and a history of the most recently executed processes.

This is a very simple and easy to use app. The program works well and it really does the task for which it was designed – it clears the memory either automatically or at your request. Still, I would have liked it to display the memory consumers, too – this way, I could end up the processes manually and close up the programs that take up to much memory.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy to use
  • Free tool
  • Automatically frees up the RAM memory
  • Monitors and controls RAM memory
  • Memory report


  • No display of memory consumers
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