Smaart 7.4

Smaart is a complex sound system measurement application.
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Smaart is a handy and flexible sound measurement application. Smaart was especially designed to support many multi-channel input devices simultaneously. In simple terms, Smaart is an audio and acoustics measurement tool that is best suited for professional sound engineers due to its real-time analyze capabilities.

Depending on the interest Smaart is a very flexible tool that offers three main modes for managing complex sound systems: transfer function, real-time analyzer (RTA) and impulse response. If you are a sound engineer, Smaart can help you optimize the linearity of the sound system during the live concert without having to send test signals (that annoying high pitch noise for the audience). You can do this due to the "Transfer" function. For audio engineers, Smaart is useful in analyzing the audio gear (loudspeakers, audio amplifiers, etc.) and room acoustics by using "Spectrograph" mode. Impulse response is the third mode that is used to find the delay time between two signals, which is especially useful in aligning sound system elements in outdoor environments by adjusting the delay times for audio towers (concert loudspeakers).

Smaart is a professional sound measurement application that can be of true help for sound and audio engineers that have to deal with complex audio systems, such as those used in open or closed environments (public performances, outdoor concerts, concert halls, etc.). Although my field of expertize is not tangent with complex audio and acoustic measurement tasks, Smaart does seem to bring to the table an impressive set of specialized tools that would become a helpful tool for sound system operators, equipment designers and architectural acousticians.

Mario Procione
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  • Compact interface
  • Real-time sound system measurements
  • Supports multiple multi-channel input devices


  • Quite expensive
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