AstroGuider 3.14

Simple-to-use guiding application for your telescope mount.

AstroGuider is a simple-to-use guiding application for your telescope mount. It can be calibrated semi-automatically or manually, you do not need to concern yourself about camera orientation or pixel scale.
The built-in drivers support the following hardware: ATIK CCDs Starlight Xpress CCDs ZWO ASI USB 3.0 CCDs Any mount controlled over camera ST4 port Any mount controlled over CGUSB ST4 device Any mount controlled over EQMac
Application is integrated with AstroImager (it can initiate random kick to allow dithering) and AstroTelescope (guiding is automatically stopped, if telescope is slewed or parked). The application communicates over INDI protocol, and it can be used to integrate with any INDI 3rd-party application, or as a client to any remote or local INDI server with any supported CCD or telescope mount.

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