Physics 101

Physics 101

A collection of simulations, tools and equations for many areas of Physics.

Physics 101 is intended to help students learn physics. The application includes practically every area of this science, like classical mechanics, optics and electromagnetism. The rationale behind the tool is to simplify the calculation part so that the learners can focus on understanding the phenomena.

The application’s main formula window is divided into three main panels. The first two panels, called Section and Equation, let you browse through the different contents. In this regard, you should choose a section, like Kinematics, Projectiles, Dynamics, Work, Energy and Thermodynamics, and then, pick one of the more than 150 predefined formulae available. The third panel shows the selected formula and lets you fill in the desired values for each variable. Likewise, you can find a brief explanation of the equation and the symbols used.

On the upper part of the window, there is also a bar that allows accessing more specific tools, including Motion, Vectors, Projectiles, Forces, Gravity, Circuits, Optics, Spectrum, Orbits, Superposition, Oscillations and RelativisticFX. Each of these tools would deserve a separate review. Many of them are characterized by the generation of graphics to illustrate different processes and phenomena visually.

Like many others have said, I wish I had had a similar app back in high school. This way, I would have understood many contents better. It has been carefully designed and covers most of the contents of Physics.

On the other hand, some users have claimed that the application could prevent learners from thinking about the notions behind the formulae. Although I must agree that this is a logical concern, it is also important to consider that the application should be used as part of a sound pedagogical strategy. Good news is that the Mac version of the product is available for free.

Pedro Castro
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  • Covers almost every area of Physics
  • Contains lots of formulae and simulations
  • Easy to navigate


  • There is the possibility that the app could actually prevent students from thinking about the notions behind the formulae
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