Analyzes statistical data, particularly via multivariate analysis.
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Wizard is intended for analyzing statistical data, particularly via multivariate analysis. Compared with other similar tools, Wizard seems a lot easier to use. In fact, the developers claim that it is the perfect tool for the non-statistician. Besides, it is excellent that there is a detailed PDF manual and even the possibility of taking a tutorial lesson from within the app.

Wizard honors its name. In this respect, its interface has been designed to take you through all the steps in the workflow. This way, you start from importing data or creating tables from scratch. Then, you can move on to filtering and organizing data. Next, it is time to analyze data with any of the available tools and, finally, visualize the results. There is no need to write a single line of code and you can even avoid typing if the source data are imported from external files. On top of that, the app can even suggest which statistical test to run.

However, usability is not limited to a friendly interface. Wizard can actually help you carry out complex multivariate data analyses and present the results in ways that let you easily make sense of them. Graphics are interactive and support drag-and-drop operations and contextual menus.

Being simple does not mean Wizard is not powerful. In fact, it can deal with tons of data and process them very quickly. Moreover, there is something else Wizard is very good at: predicting outcomes based on available variables. Therefore, it is useful for simulating “what-if?” scenarios.

Wizard supports importing data from different sources and formats, which include Numbers, R workspaces, SQLite, MySql and CSV. However, it cannot import SAS, Stata or SPSS data. Similarly, it allows exporting to various formats, like CSV, JSON, Stata, SPSS and R workspace.

As said, Wizard is intended for non-statisticians. Therefore, it does not come with some of the features a statistician would expect to find. In this respect, Wizard can generate only a few kinds of plots and support just some multivariate regression analyses. Besides, it cannot be programmed to repeat functions.

In general, Wizard may be your best choice if you are a researcher or analyst trying to make sense of the data you collected. Although the product is shareware, it comes with a generous trial version that never expires but has limitations in terms of saving and exporting results. There is also a Pro version with additional features.

Pedro Castro
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  • Interactive graphics
  • Powerful and quick processing engine
  • Supports importing and exporting to a variety of formats and applications
  • Can predict outcomes based on available variables
  • No need to write code


  • Can generate only a few kinds of plots and support just some multivariate regression analyses
  • Cannot be programmed to repeat functions
  • Does not support importing SAS, Stata or SPSS data
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