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Free Avoid various risks and malware while browsing the Internet.
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The app has been previously known as SiteAdvisor.
These days, without the proper anti-phishing protection, you are exposed to various risks while browsing the Internet. Other users might attempt to steal valuable information from your PC, such as usernames, passwords, credit card details, and much more. SiteAdvisor from McAfee is an app developed to help you prevent these unfortunate events from occurring.

After you install this browser tool, you can launch the SiteAdvisor executable from your Applications folder, configure its security settings, and you can start browsing while being safe.

An important advantage of working with this app is that it informs you if there are any security issues on a website before accessing it. In addition, the program allows you to keep a list of webpages that cannot be blocked by SiteAdvisor when accessed.

To sum things up, this application proves to be a reliable solution when it comes to browsing the Internet without worrying about phishing attacks. The program is very simple to configure, offers you the information you require in minimum time, and comes with no price.

AG Senior editor
Ashley Griggs
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  • Very simple to configure
  • You can keep a Safe Sites list
  • Offers phishing advice about website before accessing it


  • A number of false positives
  • Promotes third-party tools

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rating Barry
SiteAdvisor is good service for the user to check the websites in the Internet. It's nice that it's free. If you are visiting a new, unknow or random site, then SiteAdvisor is a good tool to see if the site is safe. But for site owners, this service can be disastrous. I have read several cases from site owners. Their essence is that Siteadvisor can also make mistakes. I think that SiteAdvisor does an automatic site check. Here is an example of a recent case. Siteadvisor erroneously assigned a prohibited category to the site. As a result, many visitors stopped simply visiting the site because they thought something was wrong with the site. In addition, many directories and review sites are guided by SiteAdvisor, and when they saw that the site received a prohibited category, they began to remove reviews and remove links to this site. The decrease links led to the fact that Google lowered the position of the site and catastrophically decreased traffic to the site. Since the site was making money from adsense, the decrease in traffic led to a loss of profit. That is, in fact, in a year, the Luvfree personals site was destroyed only because SiteAdvisor assigned this site a bad category. Therefore, owners of small sites should be very careful. And to check what kind of category Siteadvisor assigns to them web-site.

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