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Amelita is a productivity tool that runs on the menubar.
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Amelita is a productivity tool that lets you access different features depending on what action you are carrying out when you activate it. The application runs on the menubar. When you click on it, the app will recognize what application the user is utilizing and will present an array of features. These range from copying the selected file on Finder to setting and image as desktop background. Amelita was designed to combine multiple contextual menus into a single menu, accessible all the time. The available features will only be displayed if they are applicable to what you are doing when you call up the application.

The first feature that caught my attention was the "E-mail items" feature. When you have a file select on Finder, you can click on this button to create a new e-mail message and automatically attach the selected file. The subject of the e-mail will be the file name. This is very convenient if you send files via e-mail a lot. Also when Finder is your active app and a file is selected, in this case an image, you can copy it to the clipboard without opening the file. By default, Amelita will display whatever is on your clipboard on the menu, be it a text or an image, but I don't see an option to paste these clippings anywhere. Again, with an image selected on Finder, you can click on Amelia and set the application as your desktop background. If a movie file is selected, you can also get information about it by clicking on "Get movie info". With some files, you can even create PDF files. more

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  • Nice number of features


  • I couldn't find an easy way to paste clippings
  • No Preferences window



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