Alinof TimerPro 3.2

Set alarms on your Mac and customize them.
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Set up to 10 timers at the same time and configure alarms to receive notifications with customizable titles and messages. Use the built-in alarm sounds or add your own audio files in MP3 format. The solution comes with 3 screen modes: Normal, Full-screen, and Always visible.

With the Alinof TimerPro, your time management will be more efficient than ever before!
The Alinof TimerPro enables you to very easily and quickly set a countdown time, or to set an alarm time for when you want to be notified; it’s highly practical, whether it be for a meeting, fetching your laundry in 2 hours time, or alerting you in 6 minutes time once your cup of tea is brewed and ready to be enjoyed.
This application is very useful for absolutely anyone, but the ‘full-screen’ option is especially handy for teachers; for example, the remaining time left for an exam can be projected on a screen. We invite you to compare this application with other available timers; its functionalities, design and great price will rapidly convince you that this is the one for you!
• Use up to 10 different timers simultaneously
• Use the ‘Timer’ mode or the ‘Alarm’ mode
• Choose between a ‘normal’, ‘full-screen’, or ‘always visible’ screen display
• Set the hour, minutes and seconds
• Customise the title and alert message
• Choose between 16 types of alarm sounds and 25 background colors
• Add your own music (mp3)

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