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Album Artwork Assistant 3.2

Add album artwork to any song within your iTunes library.
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Marc Liyanage

Album Artwork Assistant is a small application that enables you to locate the album artwork for any selected song within your iTunes library and add it to the tune in just a matter of seconds.
The interface is simple and straightforward, so any user would be able to manage it with ease. This program comes in handy whenever you wish to complete your music collection by adding the artwork to any album within your iTunes library.
All you have to do in order to use this software is to go to your iTunes library, select the song you wish to add artwork to and Album Artwork Assistant will immediately locate the covers you need. A relevant advantage of using this application is the fact that it supports batch queue, a time-saving solution when it comes to processing more files at the same time.

Moreover, the program comes with a built-in search engine that will help you find any information you need regarding a band or song over the Internet.

Briefly, it's worth trying Album Artwork Assistant, a handy application that helps you add album artwork to any song within your iTunes library.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple interface
  • Communicates well with iTunes
  • Powerful built-in search engine
  • Supports batch queue


  • If your Internet connection signal is running low, the program might not work properly
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