Album Artwork Assistant

Album Artwork Assistant 3.0

It finds album cover on the Net and adds it to music track files in iTunes.
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Marc Liyanage

Album Artwork Assistant finds album cover artwork on the Internet and adds it to music track files in iTunes. Other tools like it exist, but none of them worked the way the developer of the Album Artwork Assistant, or they cost too much.

The main feature the developer of the program needed was a batch queue. When the hard disk on which all music is kept crashes, you need to re-rip a fairly big CD collection. After the ripping, you need to add the album artwork to all tracks again. Embedding is a slow process that blocks iTunes. That is why the developer wanted a tool with a queue, so that there was a possibility to search for a large number of CD covers quickly and then let the program process the queue unattended while important things may be done.

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