PowerTunes 1.4

Create and organize your music libraries
Generate libraries, manage audio files in music folders, and share your tunes and collections between users on Mac. Create copies of your songs in any library, preserving ratings, play counts and other iTunes metadata. Split up and merge your collections. Fix songs with missing files and find orphaned tunes in your music folders.

PowerTunes allows creating multiple iTune libraries with separate media contents and settings. The application has a straightforward interface. In this respect, there is a sort of dashboard that allows quick operations, such as opening and switching libraries as well as browsing media folders.

PowerTunes lets you store your libraries on not only standard folders but also shared locations and even networked drives. The tool supports various operations that cannot be done via standard file copying and moving. For instance, when you copy a playlist from one library to another, its play counts, ratings, EQ presents and metadata are transferred along with it. In fact, to do so, you just need to drag playlists or tracks from the source library and drop them on the target library.

Luckily, PowerTunes also supports merging two libraries and moving media to a different folder. Besides, it can find tracks that have not been included in any library. In such case, the application offers to add them to any existing library or send them to the trash.

All in all, PowerTunes complements iTunes by supporting other operations, which may come in handy in some circumstances, for instance, when you need to create a copy of just a part of your iTunes library to use it on another device. The product is shareware and can be tried at no cost; yet, it can only be bought as part of a bundle. It is also important to know that, since iTunes is being discontinued by Apple, the developers of PowerTunes are also announcing that there will not be any future versions of this product.

Pedro Castro
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  • Fixes dead tracks
  • Moves and copies playlists with all the accompanying data
  • Supports networked folders
  • Splits and merges iTunes libraries


  • Project is being discontinued
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