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Installed 4 years ago
Lastpass - This program helps you remember all of your passwords.
Removed 4 years ago
Lastpass - This program helps you remember all of your passwords.
Installed 4 years ago
Brave Browser
Brave Browser - Browse safer without intrusive adds on internet pages.
Babylon - Babylon the world's leading translation software.
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Removed 4 years ago
Opera - Alternative Web browser with server-side compression for slow connections.
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word - Create, edit, collaborate, and share documents using Word for Mac.
Installed 4 years ago
Mojave Cache Cleaner
Mojave Cache Cleaner - Makes system maintenance and optimization simple and efficient.
Delete Apps
Delete Apps - Permanently remove programs from your Mac computer.
EpocCam Viewer Pro
EpocCam Viewer Pro - EpocCam Viewer Pro adds exporting video frames to Syphon framework.
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Removed 4 years ago
Skype - Say “hello” with an instant message, voice or video call – all for free.
Dropbox - Automatically back up your data to your Dropbox account.
Sierra Cache Cleaner
Sierra Cache Cleaner - Immediately remove unneeded cache data from your Mac.
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Installed 4 years ago
VoiceOver Utility
VoiceOver Utility - VoiceOver describes aloud what appears on your computer screen.
Terminal - OS X is built on an industry-standard UNIX foundation.
System Information
System Information - System Information provides detailed information about your computer’s hardware, software and network in an easy-to-read layout.
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Removed 4 years ago
Photo Booth
Photo Booth - Take fun snapshots and make short videos in Photo Booth.
Notes by Apple Inc.
Notes by Apple Inc. - Notes is an application created to make quick records.
Mission Control
Mission Control - Gives you a bird’s-eye view of everything that’s running on your system.
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