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Updated 2 months ago
Lastpass - This program helps you remember all of your passwords.
Brave Browser
Brave Browser - Browse safer without intrusive adds on internet pages.
Babylon - Babylon the world's leading translation software.
Removed 3 months ago
Sierra Cache Cleaner
Sierra Cache Cleaner - Immediately remove unneeded cache data from your Mac.
FileWard - Handy tool designed to bring high-strength data encryption to Mac users.
Installed 3 months ago
VoiceOver Utility
VoiceOver Utility - VoiceOver describes aloud what appears on your computer screen.
Migration Assistant
Migration Assistant - Simplifies the process of moving your information to another Mac.
Keychain Access
Keychain Access - Securely store all your passwords for websites and applications in a keychain.
Removed 3 months ago
CheatSheet - CheatSheet shows you the available shortcuts of the active application.
Updated 3 months ago
Google Drive
Google Drive - Place where you can create, share, collaborate, and keep all of your stuff.
Logos - Logos Bible Software is an advanced Bible reference suite.
iTunes - iTunes is built-in Mac software which does far more than just play tunes.
Removed 3 months ago
Grab - Take a picture of all or part of your computer screen.
Updated 3 months ago
Disk Utility
Disk Utility - Create, mount, convert, compressed and encrypted disk images, hard drives, DVD.
ColorSync Utility
ColorSync Utility - ColorSync is the built-in colour management system in OS X.