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Free Tweak the settings of iOS devices simultaneously.
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Configure and manage iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices for various organizations. Change the settings of multiple devices at once. Assign sequential names to your iOS devices, set restrictions, select pre-installed apps, create profiles and exchange data with your Mac.

Apple Configurator is a free tool that lets you set up and supervise iOS devices. The app was thought out for users of multiple devices, especially for companies, corporations, and even schools who have to configure multiple devices at once. Apple Configurator lets you prepare up to 30 devices at once. You can configure pretty much every aspect of your iOS device with this tool. You can assign your devices sequential names, and apply settings via the app. You can even set up restrictions on what the devices are allowed to do. One example is that you can configure the program that you don't want your devices to be able to download certain software from the App Store. This is great for schools. Another interesting thing you can do with this Configurator is to pre-install applications on your device. You can simply create a profile and add the application files from your Mac, and they will be transfered to all the devices that you manage. If the programs are paid, the app will automatically use your redemption codes.

Apple Configurator is divided into three separate tabs. They are Prepare, Supervise and Assign. Each tab has a different set of options that you can change. This application is very easy to use and it is incredibly complete. There are many options to deal with. The best way to get the best out of it is to read the help.

In conclusion, Apple Configurator is a killer app for people who need to set up multiple devices at once, but it can also be used by regular users.

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José Fernández
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  • Extensive configuration
  • App Store product support


  • Lacks automated troubleshooting
  • Doesn't feature detailed statistics


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