Work Break

Monocle Society
Eggscellent is a productivity utility that helps you manage your daily tasks and keep track of the progress of your work...
...the progress of your work. This application live ...hotkeys, set task and break intervals of time...
SourceTec Software Co., Ltd.
SWFDecompiler is an application that can break down Flash animation files into its most basic...
...application that can break down Flash animation ...of a Flash file work. By breaking an animation down...
Chaperone - Task Tracking
Hello, Resolven Apps
Chaperone - Task Tracking is a program designed for Mac users who wish to keep track of the amount of time they spend working...
...when it's time for a break. What's more, the program ...of time you spent working on a task. Another...
Gods of Drifting
Gods of Drifting is a single-player racing game where your goal is to reach the best race times. The app provides you with 30...
...(improve acceleration, engine, break, etc.). In my ...you're on a break from work. Even though it...
F1 2012™
Feral Interactive Ltd
Driving a multimillion-dollar Formula One car doesn't have to break the bank; save 50% on F1...
...car doesn't have to break the bank; save 50 ...any trademark or copyright work that forms part of...
Tomato One
Rinik Apps
Tomato One is a productivity tool that keeps you focused on assigned tasks...
...alternates work sessions with short and long breaks ...configure the work and the break sessions the...
Laughing Man Saver
Coffee Break Studios
Laughing Man Saver is a very interesting screen saver. To be able to fully enjoy this application, you need a supported...
...various Mac models will work. If OS X detects your ...webcam. When it is working right, the app will...
Life Balance
Life Balance is there to help if y find that your life's getting really busy...
...achieve a lifestyle that works for you? Life Balance ...goals are easy to break down into projects and...
Habits Lite
★★ Perfect App for this NewYear to Track Habits and Resolutions.Simple but Life...
...going and never break it. Every day ...App: Make or Break a Habit Habits i ...the app work like you want...
Kyoobic Photo
Jixipix, llc
The exploration into photo editing has led you to Kyoobik Photo (cubic)...
...the next level and break out of four wall ...a simple slider. • This app works fast to create a gridded...
psTitles is quite a simple application.You can use the app to create subtitles or slates for FCP, Premiere...
...installed. Beside the internal work, the app will ...prepared to have a coffee break). But it will have...
JustFocus is a productivity application that reminds you to rest after energy-consuming activities...
...alternates working hours with short and long breaks ...unscheduled short breaks or long breaks (other...
Productive Computing, Inc.
OrgPlanner... This solution allows business owners and managers to record their company's annual goals...
...long term goals; Break them down into manageable ...clear understanding of the work that needs to get...
The Palace Builder
Big Fish Games
Unknown architect looks for your big break and a chance to impress the Queen.
...looking for your big break and a chance to ...the kingdom. Will your work attract the attention of...
Learn Portuguese - Absolute Beginner (Lessons 1 to 25 with Audio)
Innovative Language Learning, LLC
It is a comprehensive application for anyone who is in the process of learning...
...For the lesson to work, you are supposed to ...my favorite, because it breaks down the dialogs and...
Batmack Limited
MyKanban is a personal kanban board for your computer. You can use it from home...
MyKanban is a personal kanban board for your computer. You can use it from home, at the office, or...
Reading Readiness On-Track
School Zone Publishing
Reading Readiness K-1 Ages 4-6 Grade K- 1 Changing from a non-reader to a beginning...
...can take a break between exercises to play ...certificate reinforce hard work. School Zone Publishing...
Vitamin-R 1008
IMPORTANT! This is an OLD VERSION of Vitamin-R and will be withdrawn from sale soon. Vitamin-R 2 is now available...
...Time Slice Your Work * Vitamin-R breaks down large, vaguely ...allowing you to break through the...
Timecard X
Arno Appenzeller
Timecard X ist the easy time tracker for OSX The time tracker will be started via the menubar icon.
...the time of work start and work end, the ...total worktime , the duration of the break...
Minesweepey: classic game
Jędrzej Gronek
Do you find yourself in need of a break in the middle of a busy workday?
...yourself in need of a break in the middle of ...you go back to work at any time. Or...

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