Command-Click Avenger

Command-Click Avenger 1.0

Fixes websites that disable command-click to open a new tab.

I really really hate sites ( is another) that use JavaScript and onclick events to break this functionality. Unbeknownst to me, this behavior also irked the other half of Many Tricks, and Peter was already at work on fixing the problem. A few hours after my tweet, Peter sent this one:
Just wrote a little Safari extension that has two features:
1) Open new vBulletin posts in new tabs
2) Disable "onclick"-based navigation
After downloading and testing, I discovered it didn't actually fix the site, because they were using a global onclick handler. After some revisions (including splitting the two functions into separate extensions), though, the extension now works on ESPN,, and many other similar sites. It may not work for 100% of the sites out there, but it's been pretty robust in our testing.

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