JewelToy 1.3

A time-based casual colorful puzzle game.
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gary simpson
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Control a playing field with different sets of colored jewels. Move and manage them to achieve homogeneous color pallets in a limited amount of time. Complete multiple automatically generated levels of varying difficulty. The game features regular updates.

JewelToy is a simple game played against the clock.Note from developer:"It was Easter and the kids were home so I thought I'd give my work on my other projects a break and do something else.I knocked this up for fun and learned some important lessons about using custom subclasses of NSView and internationalization at the same time.It took me about a week to go from idea to version 1.0.0, including some tricksy debugging and designing all the graphics for the game. I'm sure I couldn't have done this as quickly using anything other than Apple's Cocoa IDE." What's New
Vesrion 1.3.1:
- Some memory leaks plugged.
- Improved Japanese localizations, thanks to Aaron Madlon-Kay. Requirements
PPC, Mac OS X 10.1 or later



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