Octagon Ball Labyrinth 3D

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Octagon Ball Labyrinth 3D is a fun arcade game developed for Mac.
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Octagon Ball Labyrinth 3D is an arcade game developed for Mac where your objective is to guide a ball through a tunnel and avoid falling through gasps. You can play this game while you're on a break from work and attempt scoring a higher amount of points.

The app doesn't provide you with levels; instead, you can play as long as you keep your ball from falling into the gasps. You can use the arrow keys to guide the ball through the tunnel. The more coins you collect on route, the higher your final score gets. The game is over once the ball falls into one of the gasps.

Similar to games like Flappy Bird, this app doesn't let you save your progress and resume later. To be more exact, if the ball falls through a gasp, you won't be able to resume gameplay from where it fell. This aspect might annoy some users.

Another thing I don't like is that you cannot resize the main window of the app; you can only play the game in fullscreen mode. Furthermore, you cannot access other running apps with Command+Tab key combination.

All in all, Octagon Ball Labyrinth 3D is a great game for small breaks from work. However, I'd suggest you to try other arcade games if you're looking for apps with multiple challenging levels.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice graphics
  • Lets you adjust background music and sound effects volumes
  • Free


  • Unable to resize the game's window
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