Sublime Text
free rating
Sublime HQ Pty Ltd
Sublime Text is a software editor, mostly used by professionals...
the beginning, Sublime Text...of the most used text editors by professionals
Art Text
BeLight Software, Ltd
Art Text is graphic design software for Mac tuned for creating text effect and text style-based graphics...
flyers. Moreover, Art Text can help to decorate...word art and 3D text. Both professional designers
Pinger Desktop: Text Free with Unlimited SMS From Your Computer
free rating
Pinger gives your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch free unlimited text messaging and free calling...
iPod touch free unlimited text messaging and free calling
Clean Text
Clean Text is an application for those times when you have to paste some text copied...
in the alphabet. Reverse text. Reverses characters. Reverses each
CSS Warped Text
free rating
Xunmeng Tech Ltd. & ITNovaStudio.com
CSS Warped Text is a free application that allows you to create artful text in the CSS format...
change the size of text, kerning and lineheight...application you can convert text to HTML
Secure Text
Cemo Studio
Secure Text is an application designed to help you encrypt text content. The tool allows you to import Plain...
to help you encrypt text content...to import Plain Text or create new text for editing
ESL Text Generator
free rating
Esclepius Software LLC.
ESL Text Generator is a simple utility to generate placeholder text (sometimes called "blind text", "template...
placeholder text (sometimes called "blind text", "template text"...that ESL Text Generator produces
inScribe Text Editor
free rating
Hari Mohan
inScribe Text Editor is a simple text editor for learning and day-to-day text editing...
inScribe Text Editor is a simple text...to-day text editing. inScribe Text
Text Toolbox
Adobe Illustrator Text plug-ins with 2 important functions: restore flowable text...
text box of Text Recovery aligns better with the original text Text
PDF-to-Text Converter
iFunia Studio
iFunia PDF-to-Text Converter can export the text contents from a PDF...
text contents from a PDF document into a text document. PDF-to-Text
Copy as Text
Copy as Text allows you to copy plain text...
you to copy plain text from rich format content...also provides a “Copy as Text” service, so you can
Rainbow Text
free rating
Rainbow Flight
Rainbow Text is a fun utility and text service to colorize text into a rainbow. The program features...
Rainbow Text is a fun utility and text service to colorize text
Magic Text
Magic Text (formerly Magic Snippets) is the easiest way to type long and repetitive pieces of text...
after expansion - input text during snippet expansion...snippet expansion Magic Text will expand
OCR-text from image
OCR-text from image is useful and powerful tool that can recognize and extract text from image files...
OCR-text from image...can recognize and extract text from image files
Inside Text
Holy Mackerel Software
Inside Text is a utility to extract information about text. It changes, combines, converts and removes text...
to extract information about text. It changes, combines...converts and removes text
CHV Text-collection
rating chv-electronics
The Text-collection V4.1 consists of 10 completey new plugins made to create perfect credit-rolls...
The Highlighting text plugin. -Scaling Text Pro V4.0...with text running along -Lissajous Text Pro
Cyrk Text Converter
rating Cyrk
Cyrk Text Converter converts text from and to the following formats: Styled Macintosh text, unstyled Macintosh text...
text, unstyled Macintosh text, Windows text, RTF and HTML/XHTML. Cyrk Text...Cyrk Text Converter
RTF-to-Styled Text
rating Stone Table Software
RTF-to-Styled Text is a handy conversion utility which translates Rich Text...
Macintosh styled text files. Styled text documents can...RTF-to-Styled Text; all text
Text X
rating San Saeteurn
Text X is a text editing program for Mac OS X that allows you to save in text format. Text X can attempt to open...
you to save in text format. Text X can attempt...picture format out there. Text X is a full length
LiveTextEdit-Replace any text
rating Lucian Boiangiu
LiveTextEdit is a great tool to replace Any Selected Text...
hotkey to replace text anywhere - Text in the Text