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App Store
Apple Inc.
The Mac App Store is just like the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. So it’s as easy to find and download Mac...
just like the App Store for iPad, iPhone...it. The Mac App Store has apps for just
Store News
free rating
Christian Kienle
Store News is a discount discovery app for the iOS and Mac App Stores. It supports smart filters...
The prominently displayed "Store News for iOS"...for finding App Store discounts
App Store Expenses
free rating
Clemens Schulz
App Store Expenses gathers all iPhone applications from your iTunes folder on your computer, reads out the price...
on the Apple App Store. You can...price column. Important: App Store Expenses isn't
Ds Store Remover
free rating
Laurent Grandhomme
This program is, as its name suggests, a utility that helps you delete DS_Store...
DS_Store (Desktop Services Store)...Mac App Store. As a conclusion, Ds Store
Logo Store for Adobe Photoshop®
Samuel Stallin Kapembe
Logo Store for Adobe Photoshop® is a Mac application that provides you with a quick way to buy quality...
Logo Store for Adobe Photoshop®...on your Mac. Logo Store for Adobe Photoshop® gives
Logo Store for Adobe InDesign®
Samuel Stallin Kapembe
Logo Store for Adobe InDesign® is a program designed for Mac users who wish to acquire logo templates for their firms'...
Logo Store for Adobe InDesign®...that being said, Logo Store for Adobe InDesign®
F-Secure Key
F-Secure Key is a password manager designed for Mac. With its help...
password-protect the stored records by setting...a great tool for storing account credentials
Account Store Desk
free rating
Giuseppe Cigala
"Account Store Desk" is a free utility that help you to add/remove/edit the accounts stored in your "Account...
the accounts stored in your "Account Store" application...Run the "Account Store Desk" application
Refurb Store
free rating
Refurb-Store team
Refurb Store is a simple widget that allows you to monitor the refurbished products directly from your...
Refurb Store is a simple widget
A-Store Reader
free rating
Aggregion Ltd.
A-Store Reader is a handy application that allows you to access any kind of content received for your A...
A-Store Reader is a handy application...content received for your A-Store account. Therefore
Koingo Mac App Store Validator
free rating
Koingo Software, Inc.
The software is used to validate the app purchased through Mac Store...
app purchased through Mac Store
iTunes Music Store Charts
free rating
Pete Freitag
iTunes Music Store (iTMS) Charts is a dashboard widget that gives you the latest Top...
iTunes Music Store (iTMS) Charts...from the iTunes Music Store. You can flip
App...Store Quickview
Marc Moini
App...Store Quickview lets you hover the cursor over an app, album...
App...Store Quickview...time. Use App…Store Quickview for apps...in the Mac App Store, and for apps
App Store Preview
free rating
With the App Store Preview Mac OS X Dashboard Widget you can Preview, Search and Find just...
from the Mac App Store, right from your Mac...version: New GUI design Store links updates Support links
App Store Quickview
Marc Moini
Use App...Store Quickview for apps in the Mac App Store, and for apps...
in iTunes. With App...Store Quickview, you simply...for recent Mac App Store changes that broke
Store Reviews
free rating
Zonneveld Cloud
Store Reviews allows you to monitor the 50 most recent store reviews that have been made for your app...
Store...50 most recent store...with your App Store Connect account
iTunes Store Link Deleter
free rating
Lawrence Dudley
iTunes Store Link Deleter - Allows you to remove the iTunes Store button...
and ugly iTunes Store arrow links...Requirements: iTunes 8. iTunes Store Link
Store House
rating MacMedia
Store House is an easy and convenient way to store Information about your assets such as: its location...
and convenient way to store...can Store House be used to store descriptions
Salery Web Store
rating Economy-x-talk
Salery web store software allows you to quickly set up your own on-line web shop...
software. Salery web store...version: Salery Web Store Software 1.1.6 provides