Icon Resolutions

Icon Slate
Icon Slate is a multi-platform icon creator. The program is designed to help you create...
...button to create your icon. The application support ...you create custom icons optimized for different...
Trying to create .icns files for OS X Applications? Stop wasting time dragging your...
...all your different icon resolutions onto it ...algorithm chooses best resolution for scaling images...
Set Icon
Set Icon is a small Mac application that enables you to change your drive's icon with little effort...
...immediately applies the new icon changes, and i ...another image for drive's icon. Even though this...
App Icon Resizer
Shuho Chou
App Icon Resizer allows you to convert your source icon image to multiple resolutions. Main features: - Drop the source...
...your source icon image to multiple resolutions. Main ...- Built-in icon resolutions for Mac and iOS...
Icon Set Creator
Nicolás Miari
This program was created for iOS and OS X app developers who need to immediately...
...of icons, with different resolutions. You cannot export a single icon that...
Icon Creator - ICNS and IconSet Composer
Opera Software
Icon Creator for Developers using Xcode to build their Mac OS X and iOS apps. Since original Icon Composer...
...* Create multi-resolution icons in ICNS format ...different resolutions * Preview current icon in...
Icon Plus
Cezar Popescu
Icon Plus lets you turn any photo on your Mac into a beautiful icon. In addition, you can combine images and text...
...your Mac into a beautiful icon. In addition, you ...All these features make Icon Plus a very useful...
Icon Workshop
Kobi Snir
Icon Workshop is a very simple application that generates icons...
...with comprehensive icon resolution profiles, so ...check the desired icon resolutions. Optionally...
Fast Icon
Fast Icon is an application that helps developers process and resize icons in a fast way...
...developers process and resize icons in a fast way ...the newly created icons will be compatible with...
Make My Icon
Everyday Tools
Make My Icon is a straightforward application that lets you create icons for your Mac. The program provides you...
...at icon-size dimensions. Creating icons out ...search of a simple icon creator. Unfortunately, the...
Icon Factory
Atom Systems Incorporated, SL
We have released more than 50 apps in two years and we create our icons using...
...effects Icon Factory saves: - iOS icons en in all resolutions, including...
Desktop Icon Manager
Desktop Icon Manager (DIM) is an AppleScript which saves and restores the icon positions on the desktop...
...save multiple icon positions at different screen resolutions. That's fine...
HighResolution Icon File Creator
Tired of creating all those icons for the application? What does HighResolution Icon Creator do?...
...creates the full icon set in correct resolutions, which includes...
Icon Pro
Icon Pro is a powerful icon editing, building and image converting tools. It supports nearly 20 kinds...
...image including Windows icon and Macintosh icon by right click...
Icon Tools
Riccisoft and Alessandro Levi Montalcini
Icon Tools is a contextual menu plug-in that lets you not only copy and paste...
...Icon Tools, Icon Stamps, and Icon Frames. The Icon Tool ...to mark your icons....