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Design, edit, and organize icons for various devices.
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Create, manipulate, and manage icons on your Mac. Design your own icons and apply various graphics effects or use 500 icon templates. Rotate, flip, and modify layers, preview icons for iOS and Android-based devices in real time and export them to compatible file formats.

We have released more than 50 apps in two years and we create our icons using a custom app created by us. We have shown this app to our developer friends and they always says: “Hey dudes you should launch this app so that all developers can use it!”, so we did it.
Icon Factory is the most advanced app for creating your icons. It’s almost like Photoshop for icons!
With Icon Factory you will:
- Create your icons very fast and with proffesional quality
- Work with layers as you do in advanced graphic apps
- Apply effects just with one button
- Create layers and editing very easily
- Rotate, flip and edit layers very fast
- Change layer alpha using an slider
- Manage and organize your own icons, layers and effects library
- Automatically export compatible file formats just with one button
- Preview icons in real time for several devices
- Preview icons with different backgrounds
- Round corners automatically
- Apply gloss effects
Icon Factory saves:
- iOS icons en in all resolutions, including Retina Display
- iTunes icons
- Toolbars & navigation bars icons
- Favicons
- Icons for Android
- Icons for Windows
- Icons for OSX (*Coming Soon)
All options are saved automatically, so when you come back to the app you will find your last configuration automatically retrieved.
Icon Factory will allow you to create your own icon and graphics effects, but we have included a base library with more than 500 icons, effects and layers so that you can start working right now. This is a royalty free library.
NOTE: App works internally in a 1024x1024 resolution so that you can generate pixel perfect icons. We recommend using 1024x1024 pixel images in PNG format for perfect results.
Get the user's manual at: www.atomstudios.es/support/IconFactory.pdf
Do you have any doubts about how to use the application? Any problems? Do you have an idea that you would like us to carry out? Don’t hesitate and contact us through any of our forms of contact. We would love to hear from you.

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