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Icon Workshop 10.0

It creates multi-resolution icons for Mac OS, iOS, Android App, and Watch OS.
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Icon Workshop is a very simple application that generates icons of different sizes for Mac OS, iOS, Android App, and Watch OS. The tool comes with comprehensive icon resolution profiles, so the chances of not finding the desired icon size you are looking for are pretty slim.

The program opens with a straightforward and highly-intuitive interface. All functions are conveniently displayed on the main window, which makes the creation of new icons a hassle-free task. Therefore, all you need to do is drag and drop a favorite image into the application and check the desired icon resolutions. Optionally, you can round the corners of the newly generated icons for an exquisite icon appearance. The corner radius can be easily controlled by means of a handy slide bar. The utility allows you to see in real time how dragging the slider affects the appearance of the output icons. Once all settings are done, you can save the resulting icons at a computer location you determine.

To conclude, Icon Workshop offers an easy solution to create multi-resolution icons out of ordinary pictures. However, the tool lacks advanced options, like generating icons from a cropped image area and creating icons with custom dimensions. Still, the utility is ideal for home users in search of a simple and easy-to-manage icon creator.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Comprehensive icon resolution profiles
  • Icon profiles organized by supported operating system
  • Ability to round icon corners
  • Preserves output settings for future use


  • Doesn't support images larger than 1024x1024
  • Can't generate icons from a cropped image area
  • Doesn't support custom icon sizes
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