Dock Manager

ForkLift - File Manager and FTP/SFTP/WebDAV/Amazon S3 client
ForkLift is a robust and elegant file manager and FTP/SFTP client, fully embracing the Apple methodology of bringing...
...instant updating from your dock or as a ...with global conflict management and file reordering•...
Open-With Manager
Many Tricks
Open-With Manager is a simple Mac application that was designed to help you easily the types of files...
...application's icon (from Dock or other location) ...any effect. Open-With Manager provides you with a...
Dock Dodger
FoggyNoggin Software
Dock Dodger helps you conserve precious Dock space by eliminating unwanted...
...you your Dock back. With Dock Doger, removing the Dock icon...
Humungous Elephants and Tigers Software
Dockless is a little app that does what some people have always wanted: remove certain applications...
...certain applications from the Dock. Dock real estate can ...to show in the Dock or not. Programmed...
URL Manager Pro
Alco Blom Software
URL Manager Pro is a bookmark manager for Safari, Explorer, OmniWeb, Mozilla, Netscape, iCab, Camino...
...Dock. Document Storage : Your bookmarks are stored in URL Manager ...while URL Manager Pro will...
Gideon Softworks, LLC.
If you are searching for a simple to use and clean dock application then the handy Dock...
...to better manage and organize your docks. All in ...well designed dock application then the Dock-It...
Dock Lock
Raj Kumar Shaw
The purpose of Lock Dock is to prevent accidental removal of your favorite icons from your...
...icons from your Dock. Lock the Dock and you are ...you are controlling your dock is very comforting...
Configure Application Dock Tile
Peter Hosey
The handy Configure Application Dock Tile application was designed with the sole purpose of providing you...
...the Configure Application Dock Tile piece of ...handy Configure Application Dock Tile application was...
Dockyard Manager
Belkadan Software
Dockyard was a program that allowed you to have multiple docks and switch between them via the menu bar...
...you to have multiple docks and switch between them ...take a look at Dock Spaces from NSCoding.
Wi-Fire Connection Manager
hField Technologies Inc
Wi-Fire Connection Manager is your one-stop solution for wi...
...will clutter your dock and when the ...the Wi-Fire Connection Manager (2.0) is completely compatible...
HP Device Manager on Dock
JotNow - Sticky Note Manager
Quantum Quinn
It's the Stickies-like app you have been waiting for all this time… Place notes in notebooks...
...style your notes • Dock and collapse notes • ...monitors supported) • Manage notes without using the...
Dock Glass Effect Manager
Tasks List Manager
IT Top
How many times you realized that you've forgotten something? You can't remember all the things you...
...Tasks List Manager lets you easily manage your task ...annoy you on the Dock. Make shopping list...
Clippings - The cute clipboard manager with long-term memory.
MOApp Software Manufactory
Clippings - The cute clipboard manager with long-term memory. No matter whether you’re creating a new...
Clippings - The cute clipboard manager with long-term memory...

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