Wi-Fire Connection Manager 3.3

Your one-stop solution for wi-fi issues.
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Wi-Fire Connection Manager is your one-stop solution for wi-fi issues.
Whether you're unable to get connected when and where you need with your Mac's AirPort or you're trying to get connected with your Mac that lacks any built-in WiFi, the Wi-Fire is the perfect choice for Mac users. The Wi-Fire works with any Mac running OS X Tiger through Snow Leopard and is extremely easy to install and use. Within 5 minutes you'll be connecting to networks you couldn't even detect without the Wi-Fire.
Long Range High Power Wireless Connectivity with the simplicity of use Mac users expect
hField's Wi-Fire Connection Manager 2.0 is built from the ground up by experienced Mac software developers to make connecting with your Wi-Fire as easy as possible. Connecting to your Wi-Fi network can be as easy as connecting to a network using AirPort, but with additional information available if you need it. So if you know your network, you can be connect in just a click or two, and if you need help choosing the best network, Wi-Fire Connection Manager is finely tuned and ready to give you all the details on networks in the area.
Unobtrusive design stays out of the way when you just want to connect
For when you just need to get online and get working immediately, you can control all the power of the Wi-Fire from a Menu Bar icon and menu just like you can with AirPort. Click on the orange h icon and select the network to connect. No applications will clutter your dock and when the Wi-Fire isn't plugged in, the software discretely leaves the Menu Bar entirely until you plug it in again.
Completely compatible with older models of the Wi-Fire for Mac
If you have an older model of the Wi-Fire that currently works with Mac, the latest release of the Wi-Fire Connection Manager (2.0) is completely compatible with your Wi-Fire. We strongly encourage every Wi-Fire user on Mac to upgrade to 2.0. Download the software. NOTE: Wi-Fires purchased before September 2007 are Windows XP only Wi-Fires


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