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Bind Keys

Lock Secret
Lock Secret is a batch based file encryption/encipher and decryption/decipher utility, that can secure...
...system. Encipher and decipher keys can be password generated ...can be used for a key.
The GPG/PGP web of trust is a very powerful, however complex institution. iTrustGPG tries to change...
...relationsips fairly easy. Requires keys to be in internal...
Baspe Software
Fills your screen with a shield, and let see all the actual windows and process...
...demos!) Define a combination of keys to unlock desktop
Objective Development
Are you good at typewriting and always hit the right keys? Then you don't need iJect...
...always hit the right keys? Then you don't ...will need the backspace key frequently. However, if you...
Opus Software
The extension ShadowKeys provides missing keys for Apple USB Keyboard and iBook or PowerBook built...
...ShadowKeys provides missing keys for Apple USB ...ShadowKeys provides missing keys for Apple USB...
Backup TA
Rareș Pașc-Șerban
With Backup TA for Sony Xperia you can backup and restore the TA partition of your device...
...not lose your DRM keys and most importantly, your...
Voice Tape Recorder Plus
Music Paradise, LLC
Voice Tape Recorder Plus is a smart sound recorder and editor. With this tool, you can record every single sound...
...the recording using hot keys, apply high-quality noise...
Maiar Browser
Elrond Ltd
Maiar is an extremely fast and privacy-friendly browser for the modern web... not hold any keys to decrypt your data...
ToolsCrunch Mac EML to MSG Converter
Using ToolsCrunch MAC EML to MSG Converter, There are no limits on the number and size of EML...
...application before buying license keys.
Side Tree Software
Game of falling pieces, played against 2 sides of the board.
...played using keyboard, and keys are configurable. Game window...
Easy Screen OCR
Tong Zhang
Note: In upgraded EasyScreenOCR 2.0.0, we have made a great improvement.
...languages. #6 Support customizing short keys. #7 Minimum UI design. No...
LastPass Password Manager
LogMeIn, Inc.
LastPass simplifies your digital life. From your LastPass vault...
...Store memberships, IDs, software keys, & other sensitive data ...has your encryption key – only you...
Secrets | Password Manager
Outer Corner, Unipessoal LDA
Secrets is a simple and secure password manager and secure wallet.
...• Create and print a recovery key to unlock your data ...XChaCha20 using 256 bit keys. • The Secrets app...
Final Screen Capture
Huafang liu
Simple and user-friendly screen snapshot and screen record software.
...mjpg, gif). * Support Hot Keys Operation * 100% Pure Software...
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY
Feral Interactive Ltd
Sauron has returned, and no mortal can stand in his path.
...dagger and bow to bind them with Elven magic...
Drop Circles
Serge Sander
Meant to be a helpful Utility to quickly open explicit Application... Tab or Modifier Keys or just with your ...hold down the OPTION Key while clicking a Link and...
Claus Zimmermann
Using the camera of your computer, TieCam makes it really easy to tie a tie.
...mouse or the arrow keys to control the sequence...
Multiplying Acorns
Marcel Widarto
50% OFF for a limited time :) This app is also available for iPad!
...with the equals key)
 SETTINGS INCLUDE: ...• Automatic clear and multiply keys - On/Off 
 • Music...

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