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PopClip is a capable clipboard utility designed for Mac.
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PopClip is a capable clipboard utility that helps you copy and paste text content with ease on your Mac. This application lives on your Menu Bar where you can configure its settings according to your needs, choose which apps to exclude from clipping monitoring, and select the preferred spelling language.

The utility comes as an alternative to hitting the Command+C, Command+X, and Command+V keys to copy, cut, and paste text content on your Mac. Every time you select a word or phrase with your mouse cursor, PopClip displays a small menu next to the chose text content. This menu gives you access to some default options like Copy, Paste, Cut, Search, and Dictionary.

The Search option redirected to your default browser that shows the Google search results for the selected word. The last command from the app's menu automatically launches Mac's default dictionary tool and shows the meaning of the chosen word.

Another advantage is the fact that you can customize the appearance of the app's menu by adding or removing actions.

However, the program doesn't keep track of previous clippings, an aspect which might prove to be a significant disadvantage to some Mac users. Personally, I'd prefer having access to a list with all used clipboard items. But if you don't require this feature, PopClip might prove to be a smart addition to your collection of Mac apps.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to handle
  • Lets you choose which apps to exclude from clipping monitoring
  • Gives you direct access to the meaning of any selected word
  • Communicates well with Dictionary app


  • Doesn't keep track of previous clippings
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