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Soon, you may need to give up your passwords to visit the US

Ever wanted to visit the U.S.? Then you'd better hurry and do it because if you wait too long, you might be forced to share your passwords, contacts and online IDs at the border to gain entry into the country. According to a recent report published by The Guardian, the Trump administration is currently considering some pretty draconian vetting policies for tourists. Furthermore, if introduced, these new rules will apply to all, including allied countries like Germany or the UK.

Just so we're clear, this is not yet a law, just something that the American government is considering. However, in case this actually becomes a thing, it will be pretty obnoxious. Besides the previously mentioned data, the US customs and border patrol personnel will be within its rights to ask for financial information and even give visitors detailed ideological tests. You can, of course, decline to share the data, but the authorities will also be within their rights to deny your entry. Furthermore, various workarounds such as using a burner phone, changing your passwords, etc. could be seen as probable cause, thus enabling the customs officer to deny your entry.

The interesting part is that US citizens have internationally established rights that protect them from unlawful searches at the border. Hopefully, those in charge realize that isolationism isn't a great idea; otherwise, making yourself disappear from the Internet would probably be the best way to enter the US without signing over your privacy.