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4 Elements (TM) 2.0

4 Elements is one of the surprise casual games of the year.
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4 Elements is a match-three game where the object is to clear a path for a flowing liquid. Every so often there is a hidden object or spot-the-difference minigame as well. Diegetically, the player's actions restore order to a land of magic and mystical creatures.

Unlike the standard match-three format, a player of 4 Elements cannot manipulate the locations of tokens directly without the help of a rechargeable tool. Instead, the player simply slicks on existing connections most of the time, with longer connections creating more explosive power and thereby clearing the path more quickly. This mechanic could potentially make for a very difficult puzzle game, but there are only four types of token (one for each element, of course) and the difficulty level is definitely on the easy, kid-friendly side - a smart choice for a program with a fairy-centric aesthetic.

The game turns out to have a significant amount of gameplay. Playing the lite version alone, which consists of the first quarter of the game, can take a couple of hours!

Sam's Protip: Focusing on one color at a time both charges up a specific tool faster and increases the relative concentration of other colors. But you don't really need strategy to enjoy the game.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Great game art and audio
  • Substantial play time for a casual game with finite objectives


  • Too easy to exercise the brain cells much
  • Ads on main menu
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