Lost in Reefs 2

Lost in Reefs 2

Lost in Reefs 2 is a Match-3 game designed for Mac.
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Lost in Reefs 2 is a Match-3 game developed by Rumbic Studio. The app lets you choose among various game modes, provides you with a comprehensive help guide, brings your colorful artworks and a fascinating plot, and automatically saves your progress.

Before playing you need to create a player profile and choose between Relaxed or Timed mode. Afterwards, the app will unlock the Swap gameplay type (you need to swap tiles to form groups of at least three identical items and remove them from the board) where your objective is to eliminate tiles from the indicated board areas (usually they are marked as blue blocks). The quicker you complete challenges, the more coins you collect at the end of the level. You can use the gained coins to acquire various sea objects (clock house, snail house, etc.).

The gameplay is pretty addictive and the background music definitely fits perfectly. Another thing I like is that you can earn various power-ups (for instance, to destroy multiple tiles at once) which can be used at any time.

Furthermore, the game provides you with various game modes and switches board style from one level to another.

In conclusion, you should buy Lost in Reefs 2 if you like playing Match-3 games.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nice, colorful graphics
  • Fitting background music and sound effects
  • Lets you choose between various game modes
  • You can create multiple player profiles
  • Automatically saves your progress
  • Provides you with dozens of levels
  • Available in many languages


  • None
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