Detective Agency 2.0

Play the role of a detective and look for clues to solve a series of crimes.
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Detective Agency is a simple hidden-object game. This time you will play the role of a detective whose job is to investigate different scenes looking for clues to solve a series of crimes. In every scene you will have to play hidden-object games. The objects to find may appear in words on a list or in silhouettes. These games will help you find key objects for your investigations. After solving the mysteries at each location, you will also have the chance to play a mini-game, which will add some variety to the hidden-object gameplay.

If you have trouble with finding an object, you can use hints. Hints are limited and they are magnifying glasses, which you can hover over the scene to get objects more easily. If the magnifying glass is green, it means that there's no object nearby. You can get more hints by finding the mini magnify glasses hidden in every scene. The games are not timed, and sadly, there's is only one mode and one difficulty level. Moreover, the game offers very simple graphics and sounds, and the music is suitable, but a bit repetitive.

To conclude, Detective Agency really doesn't include anything original or impressive, but you still may find it enjoyable, especially if you are a beginner.

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