Yoga: The Journey of Connection

Yoga: The Journey of Connection 1.0

Your body keeps in time with the rhytm of hearbeat.
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Hemalayaa's Daily Connection is a 60 minute yoga journey that wonderfully mixes classical yoga technique in a modern and practical presentation. The workout itself is quite deep, beginning with stretching to awaken the spine, standing balancing postures to stabilize the hips and legs, strength postures for abdominal heat, wonderfully deep hip openers for emotional well-being, and many postures that refresh the blood supply to the internal organs.
The music is an urban mix of ancient rhythmic instrumentation with hypnotic, relaxing atmospheres. Practice this yoga class if you are looking for increased levels of flexibility and overall toning, a healthy yoga approach which keeps to the ancient science very closely, and/or to awaken gently the energy centers of the body, the chakras. When the session ends, one can easily enter into meditation!

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