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X-Moto is a challenging single-player game with various levels to be explored.
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Rasmus Neckelmann

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X-Moto is an entertaining single-player game in which you get to ride bikes. The graphic engine of the game is simple but well polished. The game comes with an easy-to-use menu that grants Mac users quick access to all of the features. X-Moto comes with a lot of challenging levels that require much attention and coordination, but also provides some easy levels for beginners. What makes this game different from other similar ones is that the physics behind the game is close to the real life; users can see how both the bike and the biker bounce on obstacles and twitch to fit through tight spaces. Also, players can change the direction from backward to forward and vice versa at any time by pressing the space key. This challenging game provides access to a large database for level packs, and each pack contains lots of levels. The game supports recording, enabling users to share solutions to more challenging levels.

All taken into consideration, X-Moto is free, it comes with simple, yet well-polished graphics and provides users with countless challenging levels to test out the focus and coordination.

Dave Hattey
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  • Countless challenging levels
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