WiPhA Installer

WiPhA Installer 2.5

Share your iPhoto Libraries over the internet with WiPhA.
2.5 (See all)

Share your iPhoto Libraries over the internet. As soon as you have uploaded pictures or movies from your camera to your library, you want these pictures to be available to your friends, family or whoever. WiPhA provides a powerful, beautiful and easy to use web interface to your libraries as well as automatic photocast of all your albums. Moreover, people can easily download a bunch of pictures and import them in their own iPhoto library with your captions and comments (for your lucky friends also using Mac).

WiPhA doesn't tax your computer in terms of cpu and memory usage. WiPhA also provides extensive search capabilities to easily browse your pictures, even in a big library.

Main Features:

- Full featured yet easy web access to your iPhoto Libraries
- Photocast your albums for free
- Export pictures
- Enforce your privacy
- Standard compliant
- Light and fast

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