Wimoweh 1.1

Analyzes and controls sleep mode engagement.
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Control and configure all the sleep mode parameters of your Mac. Check the current status of applications and manage the settings of automated mode engagement. The solution supports an option to customize the time and manner of sleep mode activation.

Wimoweh is a menu bar application that allows you to have better control over how your Mac sleeps
+ Shows which Apps are preventing your Mac from sleeping and why (Apps Preventing Sleep Menu)
+ Allows you to automatically stay awake when certain applications are running and not when they're closed (Never Sleep Whilst Running Menu)
+ Allows you to stay awake for a specified period of time to allow long running processes to finish (Prevent Computer Sleep Until... Menu)
+ Lets you keep the system running whilst allowing the display to sleep for greater power saving (Preferences/Prevent Display From Sleeping)
+ And of course, you can just keep your Mac awake indefinitely. (Prevent Computer Sleep Menu)
* Please send any crash reports to feedback@serialangels.co.uk
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