Lilius 1.0

Shows the date and time on the menu bar of your Mac.
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Lilius is a simple application that shows the date and time on the menu bar of your Mac. The tool integrates macOS Calendar so you can quickly view time-related details and the assigned events.
You have the ability to customize the way date and time are displayed on the menu bar. Therefore, you can set the date format, which may comprise the current day, month, year, and optionally, the weekday. In addition, you can choose your favorite time format. Showing seconds next to hour and minutes is also supported. When it comes to calendar display, you can set the day to start the week with and select the days to be highlighted, such as weekend days. Since Lilius calendar syncs with your system Calendar, each event you save in macOS Calendar will be displayed as a tiny dot beneath the corresponding day. Clicking on that day opens a new window that showcases the name and the duration of the event. Other customizing features, such as choosing a background for the calendar or emphasizing more clearly the days with events, aren't supported.

In short, Lilius displays the date and time in the menu bar and drops down a calendar so you can have all time-related information right there at hand, in one place.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Integrates with system Calendar
  • Select time format
  • Choose date format


  • Can't choose a background for the calendar